Faction “Revival” Does Not Trust NGOs

Today, during the meeting with the Secretary General of the Eurocouncil Chairman of the Parliamentary Minority Jemal Gogitidze stated that the faction “Revival” – member of the minority – does not trust non-governmental organizations. Previously, when the ruling party “Citizens’ Union” suggested to the minority to include the representatives from the NGOs into election commissions, the minority did agree. But now it seems that “Revival” changed its mind and demanded composition of the commission only by the representatives of the parties without granting majority to any of them.

Gogitidze’s main argument for mistrust to NGOs is that since all parties in Georgia are disallowed to receive any funding from abroad, the arbiters which would regulate election processes also should not be receiving funding from foreign sources. Therefore, Gogitidze thinks, that level of trust to NGOs     should be low, since virtually all of such organizations act with money from foreign donors.

Today the opposition will have a joint consultation, where the final joint position towards this issue is likely to be adopted.