OSCE Urges Russia to Leave the Gudauta Base

On July 5th session of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna once again confirmed the violation of the terms of 1999 OSCE Istanbul Summit agreement by Russia. According to the announcement by Georgian Foreign Ministry, the session repeated the situation of July 3rd OSCE Consultation Group Meeting, when Georgia’s demand to Russia to leave the base has been supported by 11 states (France, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Norway, USA, Italy, Turkey and Ukraine).

Russian militaries stated, that Georgian Government must conduct negotiations with Abkhazian authorities on Gudauta base. Director of the Department of Information and Public Relations of Georgian Foreign Ministry Kakha Sikharulidze makes following comment in this regard: “The problem of Gudauta base should be solved only by Georgian and Russian politicians and militaries must not have any participation in the process. The Georgian side is not having any negotiations with Abkhazian separatist government on this issue at present and will not have in the future too”.

Russia had to vacate the base for July 1st, but according to the statement by official Moscow, the process was hindered due to the piquet by the part of local population, who were against the withdrawal of Russian troops. However, the Georgian side considers, that the piquet was facilitated by Russians in order to delay the withdrawal of the base.