Father of the Parliamentary Vice-Speaker Has Been Beat Up

65-year-old Nugzar Tsereteli, father of Gigi Tsereteli, parliamentary vice-speaker, was beat up by strangers in front of his flat at 11 p.m. two days ago. He was robbed and the criminals took 15-20 lari. The beaten was in such bad condition that his neighbors called the ambulance without even being able to recognize him. Tsereteli has the neck bone broken, the head damaged and he cannot talk yet. He is in critical condition actually.

Gigi Tsereteli rejects that the case is related to some kind of political revenge. He supposes that it was a usual criminal case, says the press today. Its comments concerning the fact sound the following way: `Georgian society is ill with a bad disease and goes back to the stone era when people were ready to kill each other because of little things`, states `the Akahli Taoba`.

`Police did not have very happy faces and were trying to show themselves the way it was needed for father of the vice-speaker`, `the Resonance` says.

`The Dilis Gazeti`, on the other hand, teases the announcement made by the President on Wednesday, according to which Georgia has entered the phase of revival (see 05.07.01 Georgian press review): `It is interesting whether with which criteria revival of the country is being measured while dozens of crime cases occur each day in the capitol city only`, the newspaper wonders.