“Abashidze Will Soon Write His Own Anthem and Draw State Symbol”

Decision of the Supreme Council of Adjarian Autonomous Republic on July 7th did irritate mass media, but not the central government. Under this decision the Council would be transformed into two-chamber parliament and the post of the Council’s Chairman – to the post of Chairman of the Autonomous Republic and it, naturally, will be occupied by Aslan Abashidze (presently Chairman of the Supreme Council). “If, in addition to this, in autumn local self-governance elections and Autonomius Republic elections would be held, then we should expect Abashidze writing is own state anthem and drawing his own state symbol” writes “Rezonansi” newspaper.

“Dilis Gazeti” says: “Changes to the Constitution of the Autonomous Republic were not followed up neither with “shock” nor by “mutiny” in Tbilisi’s political spheres. Not because the decision of the Supreme Council is not shocking, but because the society is not interested in politics anymore”.

Tbilisi’s reaction on this fact amazes mass media. As it has become known, the President gave positive evaluation to these changes during yesterday’s briefing. “The center names as a source of its concern not the decision itself, but the way the decision has been made. Aslan Abashidze, as usual, did not match up his plans with the center this time too” writes “Rezonansi”. Even though President instructed the Ministry of Justice to study the decision, the point is that “no one has seen the document in Tbilisi yet and it is unclear who will study what when there is nothing to study” says “Dilis Gazeti”.

“Alia” thinks, that “Adjarian leader, who now has constitutional support did reach his goal. Abashidze tailored the constitution on his manner. There is nothing alarming at the first glance, even the fact that direct ballots would elect the leader of the autonomy. Alarming is the way the process in represented. “Declared separatist policy” takes place when there is a crisis in the state and this policy is not opposed by anyone from the capital”.

‘Dilis Gazeti” emphasizes yet another detail. “Constitution of Georgia cannot deny Adjarian Autonomous Republic from having its own ‘Leader of the Republic’ (President in fact) because the Constitution does not determine the system of territorial administration of the country. The same might be said on two-chamber parliament. Thus we start to get closer to the model of confederation, e.g. to the model of the union of the two states instead of one unified state” says “Dilis Gazeti”.