Financial Policy of the Defense Minister of Georgia Is Disliked

Georgian army is in awful state. The only change, which has happened since the appointment of Davit Tevzadze on the position of defense minister, is that Georgian soldiers have been participating in NATO military drills more actively, `the Dilis Gazeti` states. `Georgian army cannot be proud of its fighting efficiency and discipline though`. Moreover, Gvardia, a division in the Georgian army, got even evolved in the so-called Mukhrovani revolt. 

Giorgi Baramidze, head of the defense and security committee in the parliament, criticized financial policy of Davit Tevzadze, the Defense Minister, at the Military Council and Generality meeting yesterday. According to Baramidze, there are not equal conditions in the payment system of Georgian army. `The Akhali Taoba` considers that it is very late that the Government got interested in the army and debates considering the issue should have been initiated earlier.

`The Defense Minister was obliged to make a speech at the meeting also but he avoided the burning issue as usual saying that he could not have taken care of everything in one year`, states `the Resonance`. The Minister asked for program way of financing and enlargement of budget of the military department.

`The Dilis Gazeti`, interested in the conflict, contacted Giorgi Baramidze, head of the defense and security committee. `Tevzadze is a very good minister. I cannot see any other candidate. It would be hard for everybody to work at the position in present circumstances `, Baramidze announced. On the other hand, he criticized the system existing in the Ministry, which allows that money be spent aimlessly. `It is not a secret that the amount given to the army is not spent in a right way`, he said.