Georgia Expects $ 52,5 Million from the World Bank in October

Johannes Lynn, Vice President for Europe and Central Asia and Judy O’Connor, Director of South Caucasus Department of the World Bank started their visit to Georgia today.

During the conversation between the representatives of the World Bank and Temur Basilia, President’s Assistant in Economic Issues, the sides agreed, that if Georgia maintains tendencies of economic recovery and stable incomes to the budget, the Country would receive 52,5 million USD in October. This amount would be given to Georgia in the framework of the World Banks’ the Third Structural Adjustment Credit (SAC III) and Energy Structural Adjustment Credit (ESAC).

These 52,5 millions are included in the budget for year 2001. So, the Government should do everything to match the parameters, set by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to secure this sum for the budget.

Mission of the World Bank leaves Georgia on July 19.