The IMF Might Start Talking About Sequestering the Budget

“The Dilis Gazeti” writes about the visit of the International Monetary Fund mission to Georgia planned for today. The target of the mission is to evaluate macroeconomic condition of the country according to outcome of the last 6 months. “Whether Georgia will receive transfers from the World Bank or not is exactly up to these evaluations” (in case of positive “mark” Georgia will receive 52,5 million dollars in October).

On the other hand, “if we consider that the budget of the country is permanently incomplete it is easy to imagine what mark we will get. The fact is that international financial organizations will whether support us unanimously or cease relationship with Georgia till the country does not fulfill its obligations”, the newspaper states.

“Only the completing level of the budget of June responded the parameters of the Monetary Fund. But in case Adjara had fulfilled its duties (3 million lari was not transmitted from Adjara Autonomous Republic to the central budget) Georgia would have been waiting for better evaluation from the IMF. It is also worth pointing out that Adjara’s policy may not be purposeful at all for the center gave it the reason for it. A probable reason why the money was not shifted to Tbilisi was that the Finance Ministry had always delayed money transfers to Adjara”, “the Dilis Gazeti” says.

In case the IMF puts a negative mark to Georgia the central government should not blame the Autonomous Republic because other obligations have not been fulfilled either. “The most important is that the communication objects have not been sold yet (the amount of money come in from the privatization of these objects is foreseen in the income part of this year’s budget). The fact makes us consider that budget of the year 2001 might be sequestered. In short, the IMF will reprimand a lot as usual”, the newspaper presumes.

“The Dilis Gazeti”