“Get the Russian Military Forces out of Georgia”

The official reason for holding a special session planned for today was the issue of Russian military bases and abrogation of the Istanbul agreement from the Russian side (“the Dilis Gazeti”). Note: according to the agreement, Russia was obliged to withdraw its troops from the Gudauta military base in Abkhazia by July 1.

By the time the special session pays enough attention to the Russian military bases existing in Georgia (which “the Dilis Gazeti” actually doubt about) representatives of Georgian youth hold a press conference concerning the matter.

According to the press conference organizers (Sergi Gvarjaladze, a journalist; Irakli Kakabadze, a writer and others) all political forces existing in Georgia should get united around the demand that Russians leave Georgia. The idea should renovate the best traditions of national-independence movement. “The experience of last two centuries showed us that Russian army being on the territory of Georgia is the biggest danger for Georgian state”, they said.

Organizers of the press conference claimed that Russian army could never be a guarantee for Georgian state unity and stability. They think that the abrogation of the Istanbul agreement made in 1999 was an attempt to interfere in the internal policy of Georgia as well as an action against the Georgian state (“the Akhali Taoba”, “the Resonance”).

“It is hard to say how well the organizers of the press conference will manage to unite the nation around the idea of withdrawing Russian troops from Georgia, especially when total nihilism and indifference has become common among Georgians in last ten years”, states “the Resonance”.