The Police Cooperates with Criminals in the Pankisi Valley

Kist and Georgian population of the Pankisi Valley have agreed that only that special subdivision of the police will enter the valley, which they rely on. Giorgi Baramidze, head of the Defense and Security Committee in the Parliament who had participated in the negotiations between Kists and armed Georgian volunteers, announced at the press conference held today that the police posts in the Pankisi Valley had been completely inactive. According to him, one part of the local police was not interested in improving criminal situation there. More than that, they were even involved in criminal activities. That is exactly why the local population does not trust the official structures.

Baramidze announced that he has a list of those law enforcers who support worsening of the situation in the valley and actively cooperate with criminals. He said he would give the list to the corresponding bodies.

A Parliament session beyond the closed doors was planned for today. Deputies will speak about the Pankisi Valley. Heads of Law Enforcement Agencies and governors of the regions in the Pankisi Valley are invited to attend the session.

Situation is calmer in Pankisi now. As it has been known, armed Georgian population has released 5 Kists and 1 Chechen they had taken in hostage earlier.