Georgian Students are Getting United Against Corruption

Georgian students have expressed their will to fight against corruption, which has become quite common in the country in last ten years. With the initiative of the Anticorruption Council of 12 members Georgian students held a tree-day conference called “Youth Against Corruption” in Kobuleti, Adjara, several days ago. At the conference they expressed their negative attitude towards the corruption. It was resolved that the Anticorruption Council and united students would fight against corruption together.

“It seems like a loud statement when the students are going to fight against that machinery which has been existing in the country for a long time… But it is actually wonderful that students have started claiming their position and getting united”, “the Akhali Taoba” says. 

The students will meet with the members of Anticorruption Council and assist them in their work. They will have the right to monitor the edicts issued by the Council as well.
“The major point is that students should not be influenced and somebody should not use them for his advantage, which has been quite common recently”, “the Akhali Taoba” assumes. The newspaper does not consider that students form an unreliable power though and says that `there was a time when students were the center of national-independence movement”.