Accusation: Government of Adjara Autonomous Republic Is Allied with Self-Declared Rep. of Abkhazia

Today’s press covers the conflict created between deputies of Abkhazia and Adjara Autonomous Republics. Jemal Gogitidze, leader of the fraction “Revival” (opposition), blamed the fraction “Abkhazia” (member of the parliamentary majority) in passive action towards the settlement of Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. Counterattack appeared soon and “members of Abkhazia autonomous council accused authorities of Adjara Autonomous Republic of committing such heavy crimes that in case the accusations are not investigated it will be admitted again that Georgia does not represent a state”, “the Resonance” says.

This is what Adjara Autonomous Republic was actually accused of: “Ardzinba (so-called president of self-declared Abkhazia), his separatist regime and authorities of Adjara are allied”. According to Dima Jaiani, member of the fraction “Abkhazia”, Adjara Autonomous Republic used to send cargos full of weapons to Abkhazia during the war there.

“They are aggressed because we have exposed them. We have lost Abkhazia with their effort actually”, Gogitidze stated. It seems his position is firm.

The press considers that the conflict is another setting plaid into someone’s hands. `As to the accusation, both accusers are partially right. It is absolutely clear that Abashidze’s (head of the supreme council of Adjara Autonomous Republic) separatist policy is ruining the state”, “the Alia” announces. The newspaper considers that neither legal government of Abkhazia is better than that of Adjara.

“The Resonance”, “The Alia”