The Parliament Has Delayed an Extraordinary Session Because of the Murder of Giorgi Sanaia

The extraordinary session of the Parliament planned for today has been delayed. Bill on self-governance elections and amendments in the electoral law was to be debated at the extraordinary session today. Members of Parliament dedicated a minute of silence in order to respect the remembrance of Giorgi Sanaia.

Zurab Zhvania, Head of the Parliament, called the Law Enforcement Agencies for passing adequate measures and investigating the case immediately.

Meanwhile newspaper editors, directors of TV and radio companies and information agencies gathered in Vake Park. They are presently working at the announcement text concerning the murder of Giorgi Sanaia.

Meeting of the members of non-governmental organizations is being held at the House of Journalist now. They are expressing their protest on the incident.

As to the details of the murder itself, the only thing experts say for sure is that Giorgi has been shot in head with a firearm. The bullet has been found and the type of gun will be determined soon. Final results of the expertise will become known in the evening today.   

The case of premeditated murder has been initiated and Gia Meparishvili, the General Prosecutor, is personally leading the investigation.