Russian Military Forces Are Remaining in Abkazia, Georgia for Unknown Term

Further session of the UN Security Council was held yesterday. The Council gave positive evaluation to activities of the CIS Peace Corps in Abkhazia conflict zone. The CIS planned meeting was also held yesterday in order to discuss peace operation occurring in Abkhazia.

There are 1998 peacemakers in Abkhazia conflict zone at present. 89 Russian peacemakers have died for different reasons on the territory of Abkhazia during last seven years, General-Major Sidorichev, Commander of Russian Peace Corps in Abkahzia conflict zone, announced. “Sidorichev did not say anything about how many thousands guiltless Georgians had died there. He neither said that both Russians and Georgians had been hurt because of the injustice created by Russian politicians and them soldiers there”, the Dilis Gazti states. The newspaper partially blames Georgian authorities as well because of them being silent concerning unfair actions Russia has made in the conflict zone. 

“Commander of the Peace Corps avoided the issue of Russian military base in Gudauta, which was supposed to withdraw by July 1. He said it is the politicians concern to settle the problem”, the Resonance states. The governmental negotiations concerning the Gudauta military base were over in Moscow several days ago. Russia has verbally promised Georgia that it will withdraw its troops from Abkahzia and has suddenly started to talk about possible destabilization there. “Moscow is trying to create proper background in order to leave its troops illegally in Abkazia and meanwhile the Georgian government is playing the role of gentle listener”, the Resonance states.

The Dilis Gazeti regards Georgian authorities as “runners away from the reality”. The newspaper presumes that it is natural when the occupant of Abkazia (Russia is meant here) does not want to settle the conflict it has inspired in the advantage of Georgia and act against its earlier actions”.  
The Council of the Russian Federation has continued the mandate to Russian Peace Corps letting them stay in the conflict zone.

The Resonance, The Dilis Gazeti