The FBI Representatives will Get Acquainted to the Materials

President Eduard Shevardnadze met heads of the Law Enforcement Agencies yesterday evening. Kakha Targamadze, the Interior Minister, and Gia Meparishvili, the General Prosecutor, informed him about the investigation process of murder case of Giorgi Sanaia, leading journalist of the Television Company Rustavi-2.

The Law Enforcers declared that they have enough materials and claims in order to arrest the murderer. According to the FBI representatives involved in the investigation couple days ago, the murder has been done so professionally that it will be hard to find the criminal. The FBI representatives will get acquainted to the materials of the Justice Ministry expertise today.

Special edict given by the General Prosecutor is needed in order to start laboratory examination of the materials the Justice Ministry Expertise Office has. The edict has not been given out yet, so head of the Expertise Office Maia Nikoleishvili is not able to initiate the lab examination yet.