Expertise of Biomaterials Related to Giorgi Sanaia will be Done In the USA

The General Prosecutor’s Office declared that biomaterials taken from the body of Giorgi Sanaia, leading journalist of television company Rustavi-2 murdered on July 26, will be sent to the United States. Mikheil Chogovadze, special case investigator in the General Prosecutor’s Office, told the Resonance that biomaterials is sent to the USA in order to secure high level of objectivity.

The police headquarters in Tbilisi has questioned many people these days. “According to reliable sources, the investigation thinks about three types of gun, which the murder may have been committed with… in case the gun is not registered it will be hard to find it”, the Resonance states. 

As to the versions of the murder, the investigation works on three of them, the newspaper states. The first one is related to the Pankisi Valley, the second one – to secret agencies of a foreign country and the third one – to a standard criminal case. 

The investigation says nothing about whether the case will be opened or not. Member of the young wing of the CUG Koba Davitashvili is skeptical about the investigation. “Instead of investigating Georgian Law Enforcement Bodies disseminate false information concerning the case… I think that the version about Russian secret agencies is realistic but these agencies have so may supporters is Georgian governmental structures that I cannot be the only one pointing at them”, Davitashvili announced.

The police have already created three presumable pictures of suspected in murder but they have not been published yet. “According to the statistics, crime cases of this type are opened either soon after they are committed or are not opened at all”, the newspaper states.

The Resonance