A Suit Demanding that the Law on Local Self-Governance and the Electoral Law be Announced Non-Constitutional was Filed in the Constitutional Court

66 members of the parliamentary opposition have filed a suit in the constitutional court. They ask that the law on local self-governance and the electoral law passed in the Parliament of Georgia on August 2 be announced non-constitutional.

According to the claim, the polling table said that 127 had polled for the draft-law on local self-governance and 1 deputy had polled against it, and 124 had polled for the electoral law and none of the deputies had polled against it while only 103 Members of Parliament were present at the Parliament session that day.  

It is also said in the claim that members of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia, the ruling party, Irakli Chubinishvili and Edvard Surmanidze each have used six polling buttons of other deputies. It is demanded in the claim that journalists of the “Channel 9” and the “Adjara Television”, who have attended the session and have shot it on cameras, be called at the court as witnesses.