Head of the Supreme Court Accuses Members of Parliament of Using Pressure Against the Trial

Guram Absandze, Finance Minister during the time Zviad Gamsakhurdia, ex-president of Georgia, accused of financing a terrorist act against President Shevardnadze, was forced to leave the trial. The Citizens’ Union members, deputies Eldar Shengelaia, Vaso Maghlaperidze and Kote Kemularia reacted sternly on the fact. According to them, judge of the Supreme Court Iuri Tkheshelashvili has abrogated the constitution while forced Absandze and his advocate leave the trial and continued it without them.

Head of the Supreme Court Lado Chanturia considers that the deputies challenge to pressure the jury. “Lado Chantruria called the statements made in the Parliament Members an attempt of chantage and realizing political order”, the Dilis Gazeti states.

According to the 84th article of the Constitution of Georgia, judges are free in their decisions and follow the Constitution and the law only. Pressure over a judge and interfering in his actions is regarded as an abrogation and the law violator is supposed to be punished. Lado Chanturia considers that the announcement the deputies had made was an attempt to interfere in the court process.

As to the fact that the judge has abrogated the law, head of the Supreme Court states that the case should be discussed in corresponding instances. Besides, both sides are allowed to appeal against the final sentence in the European Court.

It is obvious that in spite of the reforms passed in the court system of Georgia serious problems remain to be solved. These unarranged issues often turn out to be a subject of political speculation. According to the Akhali Taoba, both sides are sure about the correctness of their position. “Lado Chanturia does not think that it was an abrogation when the judge forced the accused to leave the trial. He said the trial law permits his act so. Many people support the statement made by the deputies though. They regard that the trial of those accused of participating in terrorist act against President Shevardnadze is led in an undemocratic way”, the Akhali Taoba states.     

The Akhali Taoba, The Dilis Gazeti