Georgian Government does not Take Recommendations of Leszek Balcerowcz into Consideration

The President’s Polish adviser in economic sphere Leszek Balcerowcz will initiate a two-week visit in Georgia on August 10. According to the lobby interviews, Balcerowcz may make a sensational statement during the visit him being compelled to leave Georgia because his recommendations are not taken into consideration.

Representative of Leszek Balcerowcz’ group in Georgia Eji Miller does not presume that the Polish expert will make any serious decisions about his activities in Georgia. By the way, contract with Balcerowcz expires by September 18.

Even though economic growth appears in Georgia it is not as sufficient as it was expected to be. “It is essential that reforms be continued and be even hastened”, Eji Miller told the Resonance.

Leszek Balcerowcz’ group has expressed dissatisfaction towards the fact that the reforms are not passed in a way they are supposed to be passed. There are a lot of requests which were not realized and were even ignored in certain cases”, independent economics expert Lado Papava announced. Georgian government works without coordinating with the Polish expert’s group as usual, he said.

“During his last visit to Georgia Leszek Balcerowcz pointed out that the recommendations he had given earlier were not realized. Thus he will have to remind our government about his earlier recommendations rather than give out the new ones”, the newspaper states.

The Resonance