Russian Military Division Moves Illegally on the Georgian Territory

One part of the 12th military base of Russia dislocated in Adjara Autonomous Republic set camp nearby the boarder of Adjara and Guria (southwestern part of Georgia) without any agreement with official Tbilisi. “The central government of Georgia does not lack surprises from the leader of Adjara Autonomous Republic… The very last surprise turned out to have military character”, the Akhali Taoba states.  It is sure that Aslan Abashidze, leader of the Autonomous Republic, has allowed the Russian forces to move.  

Russian military divisions held drills on the territory of Adjara following the agreement of the head of the 12th military base of Russia with the leadership of Adjara Autonomous Republic and the Defense Ministry of Georgia. The drills were over on August 24. Having participated in the drills one of the Russian military divisions got dislocated near the boarder of Adjara and Guria and put up Russian flag over the camp. The action was not agreed with the central government of Georgia.

“The commandment of Russian military forces in the Caucasus does not regard it illegal for the Russian military division to be temporary displaced near Kobuleti (town in Adjara close to Guria). It claims that the act was agreed with the leadership of Adjara Autonomous Republic”, the Resonance says. The Akhali Taoba presumes that Aslan Abashidze has in deed that permitted the division leave its usual position for “none of the decisions are made without Abashidze’s command in the Autonomous Republic”.

Head of the General Headquarters of the Defense Ministry Joni Pirtskhalaishvili told the Resonance that the Russians’ action is absolutely illegal and it is a follow up of illegal actions concerning the Russian military base in Gudauta (territory of Abkhazia). According to the Akhali Taoba, Aslan Abashidze is demonstrating his forces and abilities while lets Russian militaries move freely on the territory of Adjara Autonomous Republic.