What Are Boeviks in the Kodori Gorge About to Do?

Information that about 700 armed Chechen boeviks were planning to enter Abkhazia was disseminated several days ago. The parliamentary minority (political block Revival, leader of which is Aslan Abashidze, lead of Adjara Autonomous Republic) accused the Georgian authorities of using military and political avanturism. Leader of the minority Jemal Gogitidze is positive that Chechen boeviks gathered in Kodori Gorge near the border of Abkhazia are planning to enter Adjara Autonomous Republic through the Black Sea cost.

“Giorgi Targamadze, leader of the oppositional faction “United Georgia”, supports the idea and claims that the military and political intrigue is made up by the authorities in order to draw the society’s attention away from conflict between Shevardnadze and Zhvania (head of the parliament) and serve to Russia’s interests in Georgia”, the Resonance states.  

Citizens Union – the ruling party, on the other hand, regards that it is government of Adjara that supports the interests of Russia. Illegal dislocation of Russian military forces in the neighborhood of Cholokhi (Adjara) was reviewed at the Defense and Security Committee session yesterday. “Everything should be done for the Russian military bases leave the territory of Georgia because they hinder the country’s security”, head of the Committee Gia Baramidze announced.

“Both ruling and oppositional parties try to collect scores for just the upcoming elections while the internal situation in the country is very tense. Making the theme of Abkhazia active and talking about possible enemies is a part of electoral campaign”, this is how the newspaper evaluated the comments of government representatives.

It is also worth pointing out that Russia has sent a descant to the Gudauta military base, territory of Abzhazia, in order to find and catch 13 Chechen boeviks thought to be dislocated there (the Resonance). According to Khizri Aldamov, nonofficial representative of Chechnya in Georgia, none of these 13 boeviks are nationally Chechen; they are citizens of the Russian Federation. It may be considered that they pretend they are Chechens. Adequate facts have occurred earlier as well. Russia had them come to Georgia deliberately in order to have Georgia involved in provocation, Aldamov stated.

The Resonance