The President will Probably Dismiss the Executive Government

The Resonance; The Akhali Taoba; The Alia

An open letter written by the Head of the Parliament Zurab Zhvania addressing to the President of Georgia and the anticorruption government session held on September 4 are still in the center of the Georgian press’ attention. 

The open letter by Mr. Zhvania has been productive, the Akhali Taoba states. The anticorruption government session was one of the results even though, according to the Resonance, it ended without any actual outcome. The President did not dismiss any of the ministers and did not make any harsh announcements, which was unexpected.

“Shevardnadze is loosing the will to make radical conclusions and it is obvious that very important and public events only will make him act radically”, the Akhali Taoba claims and regards Zhvania’s letter an event like that. The west supported the letter. “Shevardnadze was almost told by the western ambassadors that resigning of the executive government members would not only change the existing condition in the country but also greatly attack corruption”.

The State Chancellery tried to secure its positions and actually asked the parliamentary opposition to demand Mr. Zhvania’s dismissal. The Akhali Taoba regarded the opposition demanded strange because it actually meant the executive government remaining the same. “The politicians care about their personal interest and never think about anything else… this is an insane country where corruption is blooming only”, the Alia assumes.

Even though Shevardnadze has not made harsh announcements at the government session the press still considers that Mirian Gogiashvili, head of the Anticorruption Council, was the one expressing his wishes and attitudes. According to Mr. Gogiashvili, the Law Enforcement Agencies are to be reformed most of all. “It is less probable that it was just Gogiashvili’s initiative to criticize the Law Enforcement Bodies and blame them in particular abrogation”, the Resonance states. “It would be early if I ordered the executive government to dismiss now”, the President announced at the government session. According to one part of experts, Shevardnadze did not open his cards earlier that necessary (the Resonance).

The Resonance presumes that the President will make much serious steps after the visit to Washington. The Akhali Taoba is also positive that Shevardnadze will dismiss ministers of the executive board.

As to the session again, only Zurab Zhvania and members of the Anticorruption Council spoke about corruption. “All the other speechmakers used the tribune in their advantage only” (the Alia).