A New Political Movement “Unity” Formed

The Dilis Gazeti

Jumber Patiashvili and Aleksandre Chachia will found a new public movement “Unity”. “The political block Revival is nervously calm and the Citizens’ Union of Georgia is nervously favorable about the initiative. The CUG’s attitude towards the unity seems quite paradox while Mr. Zhvania’s “anti-Revival” pre-election campaign was led with the antagonism exactly towards these two individuals”, the Dilis Gazeti states.

Note: Jumber Patiashvili used to be the First Secretary of the Central Committee in the late 1980s. He has also participated in the Presidential elections. He is a member of the block “Revival”. Aleksandre Chachia is a political scientist working in Moscow. He has close relations with Aslan Abashidze, leader of Autonomous Republic of Adjara. He is said to be related to public demonstrations held before the parliamentary elections in Samegrelo demanding autonomy of the region).

According to Mr. Patiashvili, the new unification “Unity” will not have negative influence on his alliance with Aslan Abashidze. He will stay in the block Revival until the next parliamentary elections. He said he would not estimate the target and strategy of his unification until it is officially founded.

“Our political unification aims to unify those powers, which are willing to share our ideology platform… Out target is to gather Georgian society around our ideology, the society, which is indifferent towards all the political powers”, Mr. Chachia told the Dilis Gazeti.