The Parliamentary Chairman Tests the Parliamentary Majority

The Resonance; The Alia; The Dilis Gazeti

The parliamentary opposition was intending to raise a question of Parliamentary Chairman Zurab Zhvania’s dismissal from the position taken. But the parliamentary minority found itself in very confusing circumstances when Zhvania thought ahead and proposed the Parliament the following announcement:

“I am not going to get accustomed to the existing situation and leave my legitimacy dubious for even small number of the population… According to the regulations of Georgian Parliament, participation of 157 deputies is essential for debating the issue of resigning the Parliamentary Chairman and 118 deputies are to poll for it. It is clear my opposition does not have perspective in this procedure so I made the task easier for them. If they accumulate 100 signatures I will leave the position so desired for them”. The announcement was published in the press today.

Majority of the opposition members say they will not sign the declaration because they regard it as another game and intrigue. The faction Revival states it will not sign any written declarations or letters written by Mr. Zhvania. The New Right Wings call the announcement provocative. “They would be definitely more pleased if Mr. Zhvania resigned without any signature campaign”, the Alia claims. The Entrepreneurs have not made any particular decision concerning the issue. Head of the faction Socialist Irakli Mindeli says he is ready to sign the statement.

Akaki Asatiani, head of the faction Traditionalist, is positive that Mr. Zhvania’s resigning will not change existing conditions in the country. When the Head of the Parliament writes such a letter to the President (an open letter which was published on August 28) it is a shame for the opposition to insist on his resigning. “That means we are the President’s party”, Mr. Asatiani cosiders. He thinks Mr. Zhvania tests the parliamentary majority and not the opposition.

No one has signed the announcement yet. The Parliamentary Chairman is sure that the opposition will not be able to accumulate 100 signatures. The existing power balance is absolutely secure for him, the Dilis Gazeti states.