Employees Accuse the State Security Minister of Abrogation

The Resonance; The Akhali Taoba

The State Security Minister issued a secret directive named orientation two months ago (the Akhali Taoba). According to the directive, staff of the State Security Ministry was forbidden to have conversation with journalists without the administration’s permission.  That was why two of the Ministry employees went up against Vakhtang Kutakeladze, the State Security Minister. According to Mr. Jabauri and Mr. Jangveladze, Kutateladze abrogates the constitution of Georgia, opposes the freedom of belief, the human rights declaration and the human rights international convention of Europe. “Club of Independent Journalists” shares the estimation.

This is the first case when present Ministry employees criticize their Minster publicly and insist on his resigning, the Resonance states.

“Jabauri and Jangveladze are upset about their administration and try to settle their position problems through court”; this is how the Ministry’s press office explains the defiance of the two.. “As to the orientation of how the staff should converse with the press, the document has passed through the expertise of public protector representative”, the press office states.   

Jabauri demands that the government check the fact of abrogating the constitution from the side of the Security Minister and act correspondingly. According to the press office, the court has not satisfied the complaint of Jabauri and it has not looked through the complaint of Jangveladze yet.

The Security Minister does not share the requirements proposed by his employees. The first Deputy Minister told the Resonance that the directive is legal and the accusations are not correct.

“It is clear that Mr. Kutateladze does not have everything settled in his Ministry. Number of its employees opposing the Minister has increased recently”, the Resonance states.