Weekly Review of the Parliamentary Committees. September 03-09 2001

Committee of Defence and Security

On September 4th the Committee discussed defence budget project for year 2002. The budget considers at least 71 million Laris for defence expenses (including 34 millions for personnel). However, the Finance Ministry agrees to fund defence system for only 36 millions.

The Committee supported Defence Ministry’s requests. “The Parliament must support this project, taking into account national interests”, stated Chairman Giorgi Baramidze. “The country is actually in a state of war, but the Finance Ministry ignores demand of defence structures to increase funding. Our Western partners talk about Georgia’s accession to NATO and we must ensure that our army fits in [relevant] standards”.

Defence Minister David Tevzadze stated, that next week the Committee would discuss the bill, which considers reorganization of military commissariats. Under this bill, all young men aged between 18 and 27, who do not wish to serve in the army would have to pay certain sum annually (exact amount is to be defined). After reaching age of military service, every citizen  would be required  to undergo military preparation for  one month in any military unit.

Fiscal and Budget Committee, Committee for Taxes and Incomes

The Committees supported candidature of Levan Dzenaldze for the post of Minister of Taxes and Incomes, from which previous Minister Mikheil Machavariani resigned two weeks ago.
Dzneladze presented to the Committees his plan of actions. He has underlined necessity of completion of reform process in the tax system.

Levan Dzneladze is confident, that budget potential of the country is much greater than given in present budget. Dzeladze plans to adjust these two through serious revision of the Tax Code. “Our goal is to create a tax system which would ensure collection of taxes” – said Levan Dzneladze.

Opposition factions refrained from supporting Dzneladze’s candidature.