The Opposition Is not Concerned About the Parliamentary Crisis

The Resonance; the Akhali Taoba; The Dilis Gazeti

The legislative board of Georgian government is under total crisis. The opposition refuses to attend parliamentary sessions and proposes ultimatums to the ruling party. Topics of the Parliament and the opposition’s boycott are still under the interest of Georgian press.

The Resonance is ironic about the events taking place in the Parliament. While the opposition regards itself “united”, the newspaper claims that it is “temporarily glued together”. On the other hand it considers that this is the opposition, which has made the Citizens’ Union look around and now the ruling party does not fool itself.

The Resonance is also cynical about the announcement of Mr. Rcheulishvili, leader of an oppositional party and says that he makes one statement in the morning and “said something totally different in the afternoon as usual”.

According to the newspaper, the faction Entrepreneurs begged the rest of opposition and finally got to attend the parliamentary session. The faction Traditionalists betrayed the united opposition from the very morning. If not the Traditionalists the deputies would not be able to reach quorum.

The Akhali Taoba is much harsher concerning the conditions existing the government: “Serious political crisis have been initiated in Georgia. Much was expected from the Georgian Parliament yesterday but nobody knew that the situation would get that tense”. The opposition established an alternative parliament actually. “Even though it cannot be a legal decision maker the opposition members are planning to pass bills there anyway. They will not enter the session hall until their requests are not satisfied”.  

Negative attitude towards the opposition is apparent in the article. The author is not neutral towards the parliamentary majority though. “The oppositional clerics held rituals of abusing the ruling party… but the opposition was not abused at the parliamentary sessions”, the newspaper states.

The Dilis Gazeti is less emotional. It agrees with the Akhali Taoba about the idea that the opposition is prolonging the parliamentary crisis. It has stopped making correct steps and is actually about to collapse. “Constructive position of the parliamentary majority has brought the opposition to the wall. The Entrepreneurs evaluated the situation in the right way”, the author says. Article of the Dilis Gazeti mainly focuses on the speeches of Head of the Parliament Zurab Zhvania and leader of the ruling party Niko Lekishvili.