Georgian Press Supports the American People

The Resonance; The Akhali Taoba; The Dilis Gazeti

Georgia just like the whole world is concerned about the tragedy occurred in New York and Washington DC. First pages of Georgian press cover the event.

The leading article of the Resonance predicts what might happen in Georgia after the incident and considers what Georgia can do in order to support the United States of America. “The most dramatic thing for us is that the Caucasus and Georgia in particular is very attractive for terrorism… political state, economical crisis and uncontrolled boarders of the country increase the possibility of illegal transit”, the Resonance states.

Terrorism poses threat to all democratic countries. However terrorism acts are also expected in Georgia because of its geopolitical situation and strategic importance.

The Resonance publishes comments of political scientists and ministers about the fact. Minister of State Security Vakhtang Kutateladze confesses that danger of terrorism in Georgia could be sensed even before the incident in the USA.

The newspaper discusses what kind of proceedings may follow the event. It is thought that America’s policy will become aggressive. “It is also said that super countries will not be able to keep peace and danger of terrorism takeover will pose threat to the world”.

There is an interview with Levan Berdzenishvili, director of the National Library of Georgia, in the Akhali Taoba. Georgia should choose between America and Russia, Mr. Berdzenishvili states. “These terrorists were trained and had special camps in different part of the world with the support of the Soviet Union some time ago”, he says. According to him, Russia might have also taken part in the above-mentioned terrorist act but this may be wrong for there are no apparent signs of it.

The Dilis Gazeti asked psychologist Ramaz Sakhvarelidze for a comment. Americans have made psychological mistake when they thought that no one could make terror against them, he presumes.