Georgia Does Not Protect Terrorism

The Dilis Gazeti; The Akhali Taoba; The Resonance; The Alia

Georgian officials and society are anxious about the statement Boris Nemtsov, MP in Russian Duma Council, made on Russian TV Channel couple days ago. He said there are Chechen terrorists in Georgia and that they have military training bases there. The press pays special attention to the fact.

“Nemtsov has once more repeated the song official Moscow sings all the time that Russian and Georgian law enforcers should pass a joint military action in Pankisi gorge(place in Georgia where Russians say Chechen boeviks have military camps). The Georgian government does not agree with Russia and is against any action in Pankisi”, the Dilis Gazeti states.

According to leader of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia Revaz Adamia, Nemthsov’s statement about Chechen terrorists being in Georgia serves to international discrediting of the country and aims to assure the international society that Georgia protects terrorism.

“Russian government has asked Georgia several times to hand in so-called terrorists but the thing is that Russia meant those Chechen refugees who found shelter in Georgia in 1999 for officially there are no boevics in Georgia. According to Adamia, these refugees ran away from carnage realized by Russians in Chechnya”, the Akhali Taoba states.

Georgian press supports Revaz Adamia and does not regard Georgia the country, which covers terrorism or terrorists. Russian boarder guard controls the Chechen part of Russian-Georgian boarder. So in case there are in deed terrorists on the territory of Georgia Russia would also be to blame. The Georgian press as well as some officials thinks that Russia wants Chechen terrorists to be in Georgia in order to be provocative towards the neighbor country. 

Georgian political scientist Soso Tsintsadze presumes that Russia will try to use the tragedy occurred in the USA in its advantage against Georgia. He says famous Chechen terrorist Basaev was “brought up” by Russian special agencies actually.

Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Parliament Nino Burjanadze shares the idea. She accuses Russia of covering terrorists (e.g. Iogor Giorgadze) and brings arguments. Relating Georgia with terrorism is an attempt to disgrace Georgia in the world, she told the Alia.