Myth About Overcoming Governmental Crisis

The Resonance; The Akhali Taoba; The Dilis Gazeti

Headline of an article in today’s Resonance sounds like “President Shevardnaze is in Agony”. The article is about a decision the President is intending to make. “I share remarks of my opponents that the President should not lead a party. This makes me suffer and torments me”, – somehow the President was tormented only now since 1993 and decided to leave his native party (the Citizens’ Union of Georgia)”, the Resonance tells.

“State of the Parliamentary Chairman is not enviable at all”, the newspaper states. It presumes that Zurab Zhvania will not be able to form a new parliamentary majority for he will not have sufficient partners.

There are comments on the President’s announcement made by MPs in the press. More the President will disagree with Zhvania and Saakashvili (the Justice Minister) more their rating will increase in the population, for post-Shevardnadze era has already started and the direction of the present President of Georgia is a direction towards nowhere, Republican Levan Berdzenisvhvili considers. The Akhali Taoba shares the idea and states that even though the President’s announcement seems disappointing for the CUG it is a future perspective for the party members in reality.

Member of the parliamentary majority Elene Tevdoradze tells the press that she is hopeless that Shevardnadze is trying to modify anything at all. “The President does not notice that entire transformations are to be done”, she said.

The Akhali Taoba is positive that the President agreed on his decision with Aslan Abashidze, leader of Adjara Autonomous Republic, before announcing it publicly.

“The ruling party created a myth that establishing the Cabinet of Ministers is the only way out of severe governmental crisis… Shevardnadze regards the present ruling system worn out and gets ready for caring about the country with new initiatives and authorities”, the Dilis Gazeti states. Its attitude towards the issue shows that initiative about implementing changes in the government is just an illusion of saving the country and overcoming the crisis. 

Issue of Cabinet of Ministers has become active in the Parliament again. The Akhali Taoba presumes that in case the Cabinet is established Zurab Zhvania will be appointed on the position of Prime Minister. The newspaper considers that Zhvania will be a week Premier for only couple Ministers will be subordinated on him in reality.