Georgian Government Should State Its Position Firmly

The Dilis Gazeti; The Akhali Taoba

The Georgian press is terrified because of the terrorist act occurred in the USA on September 11 and covers the event every day. Most of the articles try to predict what kind of impacts the fact might have on Georgia.

“In case Americans bomb bin Laden in Afghanistan it is not excluded that Russians might do the same in the Pankisi Gorge (eastern Georgia)”, leader of the parliamentary majority Revaz Adamia told the Resonance. He thinks that Russia’s attitude towards Georgia is becoming more and more dangerous for our country but tells nothing about what Georgian government intends to do in order to avoid aggression from the Russian side.

While the Georgian authorities officially state that there are no Chechen boevics on the country’s territory leader of the faction Revival Jemal Gogitidze claims the opposite. The Dilis Gazeti is confused because of such difference between the statements of Georgian state officials. “If there is in deed organized North Caucasian military union in Georgia the country’s government should state about it and explain what is the reason of it”. Everything should be given its real name and if there are no terrorists in Georgia the slanderers should be responsible for the false accusations.

Georgia should be very much interested in fighting against terror and extremism in spite of its minimal role against world terrorism. “Even though large scale terrorism does not pose threat to Georgia, the country’s officials should not relax”, the Dilis Gazeti says. It pays attention to the fact that Russia reminded Georgia about the issue of Chechen boevics thought to be on the country’s territory.

As to the aid America transmits to Georgia annually, head of the budget office in the Parliament Roman Gotsiridze told the Resonance that the USA would not stop aiding countries like Georgia with $100 million. “But demand for quicker political and democratic transformation will be increased”, he stated.