Moscow Apartment Bombers Hide In Georgia – Russian Interior Ministry Says

Officials of the Russia’s Interior Ministry announced today that two major suspects in bombing the apartment buildings in Moscow in September 1999 hide in Georgia. Georgia’s Deputy Interior Minister Nozadze officially denied these accusations speaking on the national television.

“Two Chechens mentioned by the Russian Interior Ministry have entered the Georgian territory in 2001, but they have left the country shortly afterwards” Georgian official stated.

The series of bombings in 1999 in Moscow and several other cities claimed the lives of more than 300 Russian citizens. Officially Chechen terrorists were blamed, however no evidence was ever submitted. “There is no real evidence that the Chechen terrorists did it.” Lilia Shevtsova of the Carnegie Endowment told PBS in December 1999.

Some other Russian officials also made similar statements on Georgia supporting terrorists on the wake of terrorist attacks on the U.S.

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