Russia Tries to Qualify Georgia as a Terrorist Country

The Alia; The Resonance; the Dilis Gazeti

“Russia defined its major target against terrorism after the attacks on the USA on September 11. The target is Georgia Russia has tense relationship with because of the trouble with Chechens”, the Alia says. Official Moscow sent a note to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Georgia yesterday. The note states that Georgia is obliged to pass Russia Chechen terrorists detained in the Pankisi Gorge, eastern Georgia. The Foreign Affairs Ministry has made a corresponding answer claiming that there are no Chechen terrorists there (the Resonance). Representative of Chechnya in Georgia Khizri Aldamov claims the same.

According to the Dilis Gazeti, Russia tries to give Georgia the qualification of a terrorist country and discredit it in the western civilized countries. In spite of a great attempt Russia will not be able to reach the goal and classify Georgia with Iraq, Sudan, Iran and Afghanistan. “But this does not meat that Russia will not dare to bomb the territory of Georgia exactly on this ground”, the Dilis Gazeti presumes.

If the presumption is correct “the West will not defend Georgia – not because it will believe the myth of Georgia being a terrorist country but because it just will not have time for Georgia and will not tense the relation with Russia in a critical situation”, the newspaper states. It is positive that the reason of Russia’s aggression towards Georgia is the military bases on the county’s territory Russia would be happy to maintain.