Negative Proceedings Have Become More Common in Georgia

The Resonance; The Akhali Taoba

Article named “Georgia on the Edge of Insanity” was published in the Resonance today. It is about burning proceedings taking place in Georgia, which are far away from the governmental interest somehow. “Georgia has been facing many internal and foreign problems recently but its state officials are busy with completely other concerns”, the newspaper says.

Actual problems are the following: commonwealth of Abkhazia and South Osetia has been established (both of the self-declared republics are part of Georgia de jure). It has open relations with the Russian Federation. By the way, Russian Duma Council discussed the draft law on “independent unions becoming members of Russian Federation” some time ago.

Svans (people living in northern Georgia) forced to move to Kvemo Kartli (southern Georgia) have a conflict with local governor Levan Mamaladze who gave 550-hectare land to local Azeries and gave none to 18 thousand Svan families living there currently. “Regarding the event it is thought that another ethno-disagreement might occur in the region”. Besides, Greek and Georgian families living there are having a disagreement also.

Problem of Kodori and Pankisi gorges is especially serious. The Georgian government does not react adequately and it even regards it funny when Russia makes straight accusations saying as if Chechen “boeviks” live in the above-mentioned place. “It is thought that Chechens living in Kodori and Pankisi is advantageous for Russia so that it has a reason to bomb Georgia”, the Resonance states in the second article called “Big War will Follow Explosion of a Russian Bomb”.

After the accusations Russian Duma Council members have made and the unsatisfactory responses from the Georgian side it has become dangerous that Russia might show its military force to Georgia and spot-bomb Kodoria and Pankisi, the newspaper assumes.

One of the leaders of Georgian Communist Party, former parliamentary chairman Vakhtang Goguadze told the Akhali Taoba he is sure Russia will never bomb the territory of Georgia. State officials claim the same even though “the opposite is heard from Russian officials who cannot hide their abhorrence and disgust towards Georgia”. The Resonance tries to persuade the reader as well as Georgian authorities that the situation in the country is indeed alarming and the Government is not concerned about it at all. While talking about Chechen “boevics” thought to be in Georgia and probable military aggression from Russia the Defense Ministry of Georgia tells the Resonance that it has nothing to do with the problem, for settling relations with Russia is the business of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Ex-minister of state security is the only authority talking on real danger posing threat to Georgia. He says Russia has a large secret agency cell in Georgia and that Russia intends to implement military attacks against the country.

“By the way it is really worth thinking that negative proceedings have become more common in Georgia since Shevardnadze left the post of head of the SUG and relations between Georgia and Russia became tense”, the Resonance states.