“Mr. Shevardnadze Prefers Corrupted to Reformers”

The Resonance; The Dilis Gazeti; The Akhali Taoba

The government is being modified. The reformative wing is leaving executive branch. “The President has made a clear choice between reformers and corrupted officials in the advantage of corruption. He had developed both trends simultaneously and then preferred the corrupted to the reformers”, MP Koba Davitashvili told the Resonance.

“Battle is not yet over … Reformers were oriented on Shevardnadze till now. They were intending to pass reforms with his help. From now on they will try to implement their programs through common citizens”, Davitashvili announced.

Mikheil Saakashvili left the post of Justice Minister few days ago. The President proposed the candidature of Roland Giligashvili. “It is thought that Giligashvili will be easily admitted on the position. Most of the MPs have good attitude towards him even though he is said to be friends with Kakha Targamadze, the Interior Minister”, the Akhali Taoba states.

Secretary of the Justice Council Gia Kavtaradze followed the Justice Minister. “Kavtaradze left the post because he was a member of the ex-justice minister’s team”, the Akhali Taoba says. Other newspapers agree with the idea.

Gia Kavtaradze resigned after the President had criticized the Justice Council at the last government session. “By the way just two months ago the President was expressing its satisfaction towards the work of the Council and talks about enlarging its sphere of competence were going on”, the Dilis Gazeti sates. According to the Resonance, Shevardnadze began to dislike the secretary of the Justice Council because of detesting Saakashvili’s whole team. “It seems the President decided to cleanse the governmental structures from Zhvania-Saakashvili supporters (part of the Citizens’ Union)”, the newspaper assumes. The Akhali Taoba shares the opinion: “Shevardnadze was upset about the Justice Minister. He knew the secretary of the Justice Council was Saakashvili’s friend and that was why he criticized the Council”.

Gia Kavtaradze regards that he was disliked because he never appointed judges after state officials’ directives and phone calls.