Weekly Review of the Parliamentary Committees. October 1-7, 2001

Committee for Foreign Relations

On October 3rd the Committee for Foreign Relations discussed current situation in the Georgian Red Cross Society. The hearings were held due to decision of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent to terminate relations with the Georgian organization.

As it was stated at the session of the Committee, Georgia is only country among other 174, where the Federation would wrap up its programs. Problems between the two organizations emerged when the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent accused Nodar Tskitishvili, Chairman of the Georgian Red Cross Society in corruption. At the meeting of the Georgian Red Cross Society on September 27th, Tskitishvili was again elected to the post of Chairman.

Nodar Tskitishvili, who did not present report of his activities, requested postponement of the Committee’s session to November 15th. Tskitishvili vowed that before November 11th, when the conference of the International Federation is going to be held in Geneva, he would settle relations with the Federation. Tskitishvili left the session when the Committee rejected his request.

Georgian Ministry of foreign Affairs and concerned committees of the Parliament see the escape out of the situation through creating alternate Red Cross organization. But this would require amendment to the existing legislation, because the current laws allow only one national Red Cross federation in the country.

Fiscal and Budget Committee

On October 4th, the Committee reviewed draft of budget for year 2002. Presentation of the draft budget to the Parliament is a part of the liabilities of the Georgian side before the International Monetary Fund. As the Chairman of the Committee Zaza Sioridze states, the Committee has already started discussion of the draft under the first hearings.

The Committee also discussed recommendations of the IMF regarding corrections into the budget for year 2001. According to the data by various state agencies, the budget should be cut down for 200-300 million Laris. Zaza Sioridze says, that the reduction of the budget is unavoidable. He urged Finance Minister to timely present to the Parliament feasible project of corrections.