The Parliamentary Majority Exists no More

The Dilis Gazeti; The Resonance

The parliamentary majority finally collapsed yesterday. The Dilis Gazeti depicts the present situation in the Georgian Parliament: “Members of former majority are so much involved in outlining relationships between each other that they are not concerned about dangerous military operations in Abkhazia and, of course, neither care about proceedings in Afghanistan”.

Only 49 member Citizens’ Union is left out of the parliamentary majority. “Head deputy of the faction walks around and asks MPs: “Staying, leaving?”, the Resonance reports. Revaz Adamia stays on the position of the head of the faction but, according to the paper, heads of parliamentary committees may be changed.

The CUG makes the faction regulations stricter. According to new rules, accepting a new member and dismissing somebody from the faction will be very strict. “Well, it is worth wondering if the former ruling party Citizen’s Union has somebody to dismiss, and, moreover, to accept”, the Dilis Gazeti notes.

The Resonance emphasizes on a new coalition, which is formed in the Parliament. The paper considers that unification of two new factions will be basis for the new majority in the legislative branch. The Tanadgoma (support) is one of them. 15 MPs are united in the faction and former majority member Elguja Medzmariashvili is its head. The second faction establishing coalition with the Tanadgoma is the Alliance – United Georgia with 18 MPs. Irakli Gogava is its leader. Governor of Kvemo Kartli Levan Mamaladze is thought to be backing the faction, the paper says.