Georgia Never Makes Problem Conclusions

The Dilis Gazeti

The informational was between Russia and Georgia needing a bit to grow into military operations is thought to be over. “Moscow accused Tbilisi of terrorism protection and the Georgian government disclosed that there were terrorist groups on its territory”, the Dilis Gazeti reports. While the government admitted that there were indeed Chechen guerrillas on its territory it actually admitted that it had lost the informational war against Moscow. The newspaper casually goes on to say that “Tbilisi is used to making reverences to Moscow even when there is no necessity for it”. 

The paper presumes that the events taken place in Georgia recently were set by Moscow. “The idea comes from the fact that the government of Abkhazia was not concerned about Chechen guerrillas found on its territory… Thus Russians were planning a provocation with the complicity of Abkhazia”. Abkhazia was ready to hold military operations against Chechens in order to gain respect in the international society, which would be a step forward to recognizing its independence in the West, the paper assumes.

The Dilis Gazeti criticizes the government of Georgia, not Russia. “Russia has always been insidious towards Georgia but our government has never made problem conclusions”, it says and notes that Georgia has never passed clear policy concerning Russia; that Georgia never knows when to show aggression and when to defend itself, when to cooperate and when to disseminate. 

Events occurred put up many questions concerning relationship between Georgia and Russia. Georgian state officials visiting Moscow one after another made the society think that Georgian foreign policy is leaning towards Russia leaving the West behind, the newspaper says.