Russia’s Propaganda Machine Works Ambitiously

“I prevented another scandal in Georgia, said President Shevardnadze and left for the U.S. It is surprising but the President was mistaken again”, the Dilis Gazeti says. Position of the Resonance is a continual of that of the Dilis Gazeti: “Relationship between Georgia and Russia is still traditional and Georgia is in the disadvantageous situation and has to defend itself as always”. Government of Russia officially blames Georgia in the attempt of destabilization in the conflict zone of Abkhazia. Georgian government, on the other hand, related the tense situation in the Caucasus to Russia’s ambitions.

The newspaper accuses Russia of arranging provocation on the territory of Abkhazia but it does not defend Georgian government either and says: “Three days after the incident in Gulripshi region (Abkhazia) Georgian government has no precise information about what has happened or what is happening in Abkhazia”.

Russian foreign affairs department considers that the situation created in Georgia will lead to destabilization in the Caucasus. Judging from the above-mentioned the Resonance presumes that Russia is planning a serious operation in order “to sustain stabilization in the region”.

Ex-minister of State Defense of Georgia Gia Kharkharashvili is concerned about Russian military forces located at Gudauta military base participating in the militant actions in Abkhazia. “Of course, Russian soldiers fight on the side of Abkhazia. They bombed land near Kodori yesterday and the day before yesterday”, Kharkharashvili told the Akhali Taoba. He is afraid that because of Russia’s effort Georgia might lose Kodori gorge, the only territory Georgian jurisdiction is spread on in Abkhazia.

Militant actions occurring in Abkhazia may move to Pankisi gorge, ex-minister of State Security of Georgia Irakli Batiashvili stated. According to the leader of parliamentary faction “New Abkhazia”, the group of north Caucasian guerrillas, which entered Abkhazia together with Georgians, is the one fighting against Georgians eight years ago in Abkhazia. 

“While the NATO and the U.S. are concerned about global problems, crisis between Georgia and Russia seem very dangerous. The Russian propaganda machine works ambitiously and continues creating the image of terrorist country to Georgia”.