Russian Federation Is Interested in Provoking War in Abkhazia

The Dilis Gazeti; The Resonance; The Akhali Taoba
“Situation in Abkhazia is getting more and more unstable with the proceedings occurring in Afghanistan… If Kodori gorge is occupied by Abkhazians, everything will be over. Afghanistan will not let the West make an active reaction concerning Georgia”, the Dilis Gazeti says.

Grounding of the helicopter of the UN mission in Georgia makes the conditions tenser. The fact of grounding is related to Russian militaries. Georgian partisans say they have nothing to do with the case of for they do not have the military technique for grounding. “Experts consider that Russians might have shooting the helicopter down deliberately for it is interested in provoking war in Abkhazia”, the Resonance says.

The strained situation in Gulripshi region (part of Kodori gorge controlled by breakaway Republic of Abkhazia) may move to Samegrelo (a neighboring region). “It is not yet possible of Abkhazians to enter Samegrelo but in case the third force – Russia – makes the attempt Georgian government will then probably get involved in the conflict”, head of the Fighters Union Ruzgen Gogokhia told the Resonance and went on to say that Georgian government was to interfere into the matters concerning Abkhazia long time ago. Neither the newspaper itself holds the government and says that President Shevardnadze keeps calm and states there is nothing alarming in Gulripshi region while active armed clashed are held there between Russian-Abkhazian joint forces and Georgian-Chechen partisans.

The Akhali Taoba is also cynical about Georgian government. The world fights against terrorism and Georgia lays claim to be taking part in it. “It is hard for the world to understand what is the game Shevardnadze, leader of Georgia, is playing. He promises support to the U.S. while terrorist acts even against UN mission occurs in his own country”, the newspaper says.

Even though Chechens found in Abkhazia gave Russia the motive to pass military operations there the Dilis Gazeti considers that it had two positive results actually: “there was a clash between Chechens and Abkhazians (this is a vary important factor in Caucasus), and separatists’ illusions that they will have peaceful and comfortable means of subsistence in “independent Abkhazia” was finally lost”.