There were No Clashes Between Georgian Partisans and Russian Peacekeepers

Several Russian information agencies (Interfax, distributed information saying that a fight has occurred between Georgian-Chechen group of fighters and Russian peacekeeping troops located in Abkhazia yesterday at 10 p.m. According to Interfax, three cars full of guerillas fired at the 302nd post of the peacekeepers. The “Blue Helmets” have returned fire. There were nocasualties among Russian soldiers.

The Defense Ministry of Georgia, while giving interview to Civil Georgia, made no comment about the clash between partisans and the peacekeepers. According to the Ministry, one of the Kutaisi divisions was moving to Kodori gorge and it was indeed stopped by the 302nd peacekeeping post. In order to avoid provocation the Georgian division went back afterwards. The Ministry presumes that Russian information agencies covered the information right after this particular incident.

CIS peacekeepers in Abkhazia are on wartime alert. Together with that Georgian Parliament supported the issue of pulling Russian peacekeeping troops from Abkhazia with 175 votes against 2.

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