Russian Council Desires Kodori Gorge Together with Abkhazia – 12.10

The Resonance; The Dilis Gazeti

It is said in the Georgian Parliament that Georgia has a chance to use the procedures occurring in Abkhazian for exiting from the Russian sphere on influence. In contrast, it is also thought that events may proceed according to the Russian scenario, the Resonance says.

Several hundred Russian soldiers have participated in the clashes between Abkhaz Separatists and Georgian partisans. The newspaper assumes that Russia leads an undeclared war against Georgia. It does not exclude that somebody else’s war may be occurring on the Georgian territory (war between Russia and Chechnya is meant here). 

Georgian partisans try not to get involved into massive clashes on the territory of Abkhazia in order to avoid provocation from the Russian side. Partisan leaders consider that Russia might bomb Abkhazia in case they enter the territory (the Resonance).

“Besides Abkhazia, Russia lays claim on Kodori gorge. It expressed its very negative attitude towards the entrance of Georgian military divisions in Kodori gorge by Georgian Defense Ministry”, the Resonance reports.

The newspaper considers that the Russian Council supported undeclared war against Georgia when accepted a special resolution regarding the country. According to the resolution, Russia accuses Georgia of covering terrorists and plans to “pass active measures” against it soon.

The Dilis Gazeti regards Russian MPs as “bursting with empire ambitions” and just like the Resonance points out that Russia might send additional military division to Gudauta military base, Abkhazia. “Russian Council has criticized Georgia and its governance and accused it of developing anti-Russian hysteria in Georgia”, the paper says.

The Dilis Gazeti regards it strange and even embarrassing when Russian Council was irritated by Shevardnadze talking about further cooperation between Georgia and NATO while visiting the USA. The fact that in the resolution presented by the Council it is actually said that Georgians are clinical idiots who became anti-Russians having no particular reason for it”, the paper says.

According to Russian mentality, Russia is right concerning Chechnya but Georgia wanting to defend its interests in Abkhazia is “an aggression” and “oppression of national minority”. In reality the both conflicts are of the same category. Right Wing MP of Russian Council Boris Nemtsov confirms the same. He blames Russian Federation in demonstrating double standards concerning conflicts in Abkhazia and Chechnya.