Peace Talks Are not Reasonable – De Facto Prime Minister of Abkhazia

Renewal of peace talks with the Georgian side is not reasonable at the moment, Prime Minister of self-declared Republic of Abkhazia Anri Jergenia stated yesterday in the interview with local Abkhazian TV channel.

“Negotiations with Tbilisi will be possible only after Georgian-Chechen terrorists are annihilated or leave the Abkhazian territory”, de facto Prime Minister of Abkhazia stated.

President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze announced yesterday that he is ready to continue negotiations with the Abkhazian side. “In case Abkhazia refuses to renew peace talks and does not agree on the status within the Georgian state, Tbilisi will have to restore the territorial integrity by force”, President Shevardnadze stated during the briefing on October 15.

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