Block Revival of Georgia Falls Apart

The Resonance

According to the law on parliament when there is no majority there is no minority in the Parliament either. After the break up of the Citizens’ Union the same tendencies occurred in the block Revival of Georgia (unit controlled by Aslan Abashidze, leader of Adjara Autonomous Republic”, the Resonance says.

Akaki Asatiani and his faction Traditionalist were the first to leave the block. Another member of the block Jumber Patiashvili is said to be also leaving the unit. The reason is the political party Ertoba (unity) established together with Aleksandre Chachia and “the further perspectives” the party, the paper says.

Members of the block admit the collapse of the unit and are not concerned about it any more. “All the forces united in the block are independent parts and they can act independently”, member of the faction Revival told the paper.

According to leader of the faction New Abkhazia – Christian-Democrats Gocha Jojua, only two factions are left in the team of Aslan Abashidze. These factions are the Revival and United Georgia. He said the block’s aim was to make changes in the parliamentary majority, which was actually completed. Now it intends to get power in the executive government, the paper states.