Parliament Bureau Session. October 22, 2001

On October 22, bureau discussed the agenda of plenary sessions of October 23-26.

Bureau members agreed with chairman of Parliament that the debates on Budget sequester are completed and parliament would directly vote it.  After meeting with President chairmen of factions had positive feelings on the issue.

The changes and amendments to the Election Code were taken to account in agenda by second hearing. In attachment to it Parliament will discuss Vakhtang Khmaladze prepared project on the bases of joint positions of all factions and Zakaria Kucnashvili, the member of faction “Socialist” arranged changes to Election Code referring to the definition of local self-government authority term by three years and a half.

Bureau included in agenda the election of Central Election Commission members. Zurab Zhvania asked MPs to avoid “comical” situation and arrange gathering of 2/3 quorum for the voting. 

Bureau session discussed the issue of election Rostom Dolidze as the chairman of Procedural issues and Rules committee. He is the only candidate as Mikheil Osadze abolished his candidature.

Bureau took to account in agenda the discussion of draft project on “wood raw materials’, leavings and scrap-iron of black and color metals’ export regulation”. Faction “Industry” initiated the bill.

 Parliament will again come back to last week agenda issues those were not discussed.