What the State Border Defense Department Needs a Maternity Home For?

The Dilis Gazeti; The Resonance

“The President announces about the initiation of anticorruption activity at least twice a week but anticorruption measures, even though they are signed by the President, remain as unrealizable as any other presidential decrees”, the Dilis Gazeti says.  At this point the law enforcement agencies refused to fulfill the law and the President’s normative act (the Resonance). According to the decision of the anticorruption council, the law enforcers were to give up the ownership of LTD structures by September 1.

According to the figures the law enforcers sent to the Council, the Interior Minister owns 7, the Security Ministry owns 2, the Defense Minister owns 6, and the State Border Security Department owns 2 LTD structures. Somehow, staff members of the ministries do not have access to the hotels, hospitals and other structures owned by the Ministries. The Dilis Gazeti particularly outlines the fact that the State Border Defense Department owns a maternity home.

The law enforcers admitted that at some point law on state acquirement is violated or unhealthy monopolies are created because of the operations implemented through the LTD structures, the paper reports.

According to the Resonance, in the letter of the Defense Minister to the Anticorruption Council it is said that, because of the hard situation in the country the Ministry believes that the income of the LTD structures subordinated on the Ministry should be transferred to the special account of the Ministry and should be used for financing those activities which are not financed by the state budget. The Minister agrees to give up the LTD structures in case the budget will finance all the fields of the Defense Ministry.