What will Zhvania Suggest to Moscow?

The Resonance; The Dilis Gazeti

“Georgian Parliamentary Chairman Zurab Zhvania and the Parliamentary Delegation are visiting Moscow in the atmosphere of extremely tense relations between Russia and Georgia”, the Resonance says. According to its information, the Russian Duma Council plans to discuss Shevardnadze’s “destructive actions”. Statement of Abkhaz separatists about accepting Abkhazia as an associated member of Russian Federation is also thought to be debated in the Council.

“Georgian diplomats are used to Russian MPs’ unpleasant surprises and do not regard the project serious. By the way, the project was presented to the Duma Council by the largest, Liberal-Democratic faction”, the paper reports. 

The paper points out that Russian Duma Chairman Genadi Seleznyov invited the Georgian Chairman after Georgian Parliament had made a resolution about pulling CIS peacekeeping troops form Abkhazia.

The Dilis Gazeti is of an opposite opinion about Russian Duma Council. It considers that Zurab Zhvania and the Parliamentary delegation were invited to Moscow because the Duma MPs presumed that they had exaggerated with their anti-Georgian announcements and decided to settle the confrontation.

While talking about the meeting of Zurab Zhvania with his counterpart the Dilis Gazeti points that according to format, result of the meeting will be “strengthening cooperation between the Parliaments”. The paper, on the other hand, presumes that Zurab Zhvania may suggest the Russian side the modification of peace operation format. That is he will talk about moving Russian peacekeeping forces from river Enguri (present Abkhazian-Georgian border) to Laghidzga (river near Sokhumi). That means that Georgian jurisdiction will be reestablished at least in Gali region”, the paper considers but goes on to say that Russian side will not agree on the proposal for separatist Abkhazian government is against it.

“Attempt of Zurab Zhvania will be another “message” confirming that Georgia is ready for strategic compromises with Russia in case Russia agrees to retreat concerning the Abkhazian problem”, the Dilis Gazeti says and points out that Russia itself is not ready about compromises yet.