Mikheil Machavariani: “I will return to the Parliament”

Ex-minister for Taxes and Revenues Mikheil Machavariani announced today, October 26 that he would seek to return to the parliament through by-elections in Georgia’s Gurjaani provincial election district.

Machavariani resigned from the ministerial position in August 15, 2001 over disagreement with government policies. If successful, he would be the second “rebel” minister after Mikheil Saakashvili to reclaim the parliamentary seat.

Saakashvili was re-elected to the parliament in October 23 by-elections. Earlier, on September 19 Saakashvili quit his position of Justice Minister announcing that “Reform of the government from within is beyond possibility.”

Return of the reformers is thought to strengthen pro-reform grouping within the Parliament and create the strong new opposition.

Ironically, Machavariani will run for elections to replace Roland Giligashvili, a conservative Justice Minister appointed after Mikheil Saakashvili’s resignation.