Will Russia Use the Right to Veto Again?

The Dilis Gazeti; The Resonance

The UN Security Council will talk about defining status of Abkhazia and discuss the division of rights between Tbilisi and Sukhumi once more today. Georgian press is afraid that Russia may use the right to veto again and block the proposed project.

“Because of Russia’s tended policy the UN Security Council has not gone further than just making an attempt of discussing the issue of Abkhazia”, the Dilis Gazeti says. It presumes that the Council will pass another resolution expressing its concern about events occurred in Abkhazia recently.

According the paper’s information, project of status of Abkhazia thought to be proposed at the UN Security Council session has not been agreed with Georgia and separatist Republic of Abkhazia but it foresees interests of them both.  Only one detail is known about the project: status of Abkhazia will be identified maintaining the territorial unity of Georgia.

In case Russia agrees on discussing the proposed project it will be a desirable document for it, the Resonance considers. On the other hand, head of the faction Abkhazia Givi Lominadze tells the paper Russia is making an attempt to keep the promise it gave to the Georgian side and not support the Abkhaz separatists.