Bombardment of Georgian Territory Has Become Common

The Dilis Gazeti; The Akhali Taoba; The Alia; The Resonance

Georgian press keeps writing about the renewed bombardment of Kodori gorge. “Russia kept its custom and bombed Kodori gorge yesterday and the day before it after making relations with Georgian Parliament delegation visiting Russian Duma Council warmer and initiating the withdrawal of military equipment from Gudauta base, Abkhazia”, the Dilis Gazeti says. Russia bombed the hope occurred during head of the Georgian Parliament Zurab Zhvania’s visit to Moscow.

Russia can do everything it desires: it can friendly negotiate with Georgia, withdraw military equipment from Gudauta and even bomb the Georgian territory. It demonstrates all the methods at the same time now, the paper says.

The Akhali Taoba assumes that bombing the Georgian territory became so common that population of Georgia got used to it. After the first bombardment of Kodori gorge the Defense Ministry stated all the jets and helicopters violating Georgian airspace would be downed. In spite of the threat, nothing like that has been done, the paper points out.

The Alia, on the other hand, says the military divisions located in Kodori gorge do not have sufficient equipment for downing jets violating the airspace.

“Abkhazians bomb Kodori gorge with assistance of Russia for occupying the territory… It has been said for several times that Abkhazians intention is to kick Georgians out of the gorge. They plan to “invade” Samegrelo (neighboring region) afterwards”, the Resonance says. The paper does not make any remark concerning the situation existing in the Abkhazian conflict zone but reports comments made by state officials.

“President of Georgia evaluates Russia’s actions negatively and says Vladimir Putin’s words and actions of Russian Generals do not coincide… The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Georgia regards the bombardment of Marukhi pass aggression against the independence of Georgian state and sends the third note of protest to Moscow”. Head of the Supreme Council of Abkhazia Autonomous Republic Tamaz Nadareishvili calls the action another attempt of provocation. He says this is the issue supposed to be resolved by the government and not partisans only. Nadareishvili does not exclude that situation may get uptight in Zugdidi region as well, the paper says.

“Partisans say actions of the Abkhazians is part of a long term plan. They are sure Russia tutors the separatists in the way advantageous for the both sides. For this time they are tutored to occupy Svaneti, cause destabilization in Samegrelo and make whole Georgia involved in a wide scale war”, the Resonance says.