Parliament Extraordinary Bureau Session. October 31, 2001

On October 31 MPs expressed their positions on October 30 Security ministry activities against broadcasting company Rustavi 2 on Bureau extraordinary session.

Giorgi Baramidze, chairman of Defense and Security committee, gave political revenge qualification to the fact.

Representative of “Revival” faction Vakhtang Gvaramia demanded the discussion of issue relating to Kodori and Pankisi gorges on the plenary session. Elene Tevdoradze supported him and saw the connection of Rustavi 2, Kodori and Pankisi issues from the point of view of human rights violation. By her information serious funds are needed to invest in mass media to create authority ordered press.  Tevdoradze concluded that if population wouldn’t see the unanimity of Parliament on the issue, extraordinary session might be finished with parliamentary collapse.

The leader of “XXI century” faction Vakhtang Bochorishvili categorically demanded to abolish authority law enforcement ministers at least temporary. Tengiz Gazdeliani didn’t share the idea because of processes in Abkhazia.

Nino Burjanadze named the activity of Security service as “political short sight”.  She said that when Security ministry can’t answer the actual questions on Kodori events, practically in war situation is interested in finance   issues of free mass media.

Representative of “Traditionalist” faction Maia Nadiradze initiated signature collection for to begin three law enforcement structure first persons’ impeachment process. According to her if president doesn’t share this request of parliament, the issue of resign of entire government automatically put into agenda. Nadiradze didn’t exclude the possibility of Constitutional changes to simplify impeachment procedures.

Pikria Chikhradze declared that Georgia stands on the border of destabilization and MPs shouldn’t encourage the processes by their statements.

The leader of “Industry” faction Gogi Topadze demanded President visit in Parliament. He reminded bureau member their mite in adoption of bills those became the basis for security service to act against broadcasting company.

MPs supported Kote Kemularia initiative on creation of investigation commission. According to him commission can prepare the juridical base for political responsibility of law enforcement ministers’ impeachment in 2-3 days.

Zurab Zhvania in his concluding speech asked MPs to keep unanimity. Parliament must express population aspirations comprehensively to cancel necessity of street actions.  Parliament included in agenda the only issue on “freedom of speech in Georgia – on invents developed in Rustavi 2 October 30”.

“We have never met problems from President on appointment of extraordinary session and hope the tradition will not be violated at this case”, declared Zhvania. In response to Parliament letter President must appoint extraordinary session in 48 hours.